Trying blogging in English :D

Actually, i have an idea to post an article since 3 month ago. Well, it’s a first time i dare to write an English article. I know my grammer is’nt perfect, but if i never start right now it means i’m  scared of writing in English. sooo crowded -_-

Okay. Traffic in my beloved country is sooooo crowded. It caused by growth rate of the vehicles is increasing. As we know it, how easy it is to buy vehicles whether car, motorcycle, even a truck :lol:. We just need to photocopy valid identity card, income certificate (maybe :D), and pay some money to salesman. There are no regulation governing the restriction of vehicle purchase. as long as there is money, regardless of the vehicle which can be purchased is not a problem.

hmm i think thats enough for this 50 th article, caused i have no more word again. haha. see ya 😀

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