Siap-siap, si monster superduke1290 datang O.o

superduke 1290

  •  a super-lightweight trellis-framed naked bike (cuma 200 kg aja, termasuk bbm !!! Z800 keok 😆 )
  • powered by a 1290cc version of the proven RC8R V-twin (businya 4 :mrgreen: )
  • complete with drive-by-wire,
  • lots of (disengageable) electronic rider assistance
  • lashings of carbon fiber
  • new WP suspension at both ends
  • Etc

Bisa jadi ini naked bike terkuat yang pernah ada, power weight to rationya gila 🙄

2 thoughts on “Siap-siap, si monster superduke1290 datang O.o

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